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We help busy professionals declutter basements in the West Ann Arbor area so you don't have to take a week off of work to do it yourself!

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You've been thinking about it for long enough... and taking off work or ignoring the kids for 3 hours doesn't sound like a good plan! Walking (or tripping) through the messy basement is getting old and it's feeling like a blackhole or ****hole... that's what our clients all say! Are you looking for that one-stop-shop for someone to handle all the details for you? We do that.

So... How Does This Work?

1. Declutter

Our efficient team approach is unique and can be incorporated into any type of home. Our first step is helping you make decisions about what stays and what goes. Don't want to deal with figuring out where to take stuff? We've got you covered by hauling away your donations and trash the same day.

2. Organize

The second step is creating a place that makes sense for the things you are keeping. Organizing includes both zoning and categorizing... the home and the family of each item. We direct you on ideas that work for how you already live your life, without adding extra steps to your day, but making it easier instead.

3. Style

We work together to not only declutter and organize, but set up systems with style that are both functional and pretty. We eliminate the guesswork by asking the right questions so you have an easy-to-maintain flow, even if you have young kids and nannies/workers in and out of your home.

You'll be amazed how quickly transformation can happen and how little you need to be involved. Most busy clients prefer for us to execute the process and call them in for 20-minute "decision blitzes" once or twice a day. You don't even have to be home the whole time! We curate the decluttering process for you so you only need to be present on a need-to-know basis.


We do the rest, including hauling it off and getting the right shelves and bins for your space so you can have a sustainable space.


No matter your vision, we have a full-service solution. We help people who are ready to swipe your card and be done with it so you can move on to the next thing. We can make that happen for you. Which of our 3 packages are right for you?

VIP Package (40 hours)

  • 40 Organizer Hours
  • up to 4 spaces
  • ​shopping service provided ($300+ value)
  • labeled for easy maintenance ($200+ value)
  • 2 trailer loads of donations ($1000 value)
  • ​perfect for getting storage spaces into shape such as basement or garage or multiple spaces at one time
  • polished look
  • add on hourly until completion
  • $7500+ value

Fresh Start (20 hours)

  • 20 Organizer Hours
  • ​up to 3 spaces
  • ​product recommendations & online shopping; shopping service provided for add'l fee ($300+ value)
  • labeled for easy maintenance ($200+ value)
  • one carload of donations & recyclables taken at the end of each day; trailer hauling provided for add'l fee ($150 value)
  • perfect for getting a few key living spaces into shape such as pantry, playroom, bedroom, guest room, or home office
  • finished look
  • add on hourly until completion
  • $3650+ value

Clean Sweep (10 hours)

  • 10 Organizer Hours
  • 1-2 related spaces
  • ​product recommendations given during session time; shopping service provided for add'l fee
  • labeling suggestions given; not provided with this package beyond basic tape
  • carload of donations taken at end of project; trailer hauling service provided for add'l fee ($150 value)
  • perfect for decluttering 1-2 related spaces such as pantry or mudroom + laundry room
  • functional look
  • add on hourly until completion
  • $1650 value


Happy Results

Extremely professional and courteous.

A2 Home Organizers helped me declutter and organize my entire house before I moved to FL. It was such a huge therapeutic relief to move with less stuff and less stress. I would definitely use her services again!

- Bethany T., Ford Motor Company

Five Stars! So easy to work with and I never felt judged or uncomfortable.

Holly and her team are an absolute joy to work with! I worked with them to clean out my basement and garage which had both become overrun with outgrown & outdated items. I was a little nervous to work with strangers in my home and going through all of my accumulated clutter. Everyone on the team was so easy to work with and I never felt judged or uncomfortable. I found the process incredibly efficient and feel so much better with my home clear of the clutter! I was so excited about the progress ... I wish we had connected a long time ago!

- Betsy B., Ann Arbor Mama

They get so much done!

I love working with A2 Home Organizers. They are so fast, easy to work with and get so much done! They finished in two hours what would have taken me weeks to do in bits and pieces as I found the energy to do it. Highly recommend A2 Home Organizers!"

- Mary H., Ypsilanti Mom

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