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Tame the Paper Monster


How To Deal with Your Household Papers ...Without Stuffing Them in Laundry Baskets to Get to "Later" or Shuffling Piles from Room to Room!

A FREE 10-Day Challenge to Declutter & Organize Papers and Set Your Mind Free from Clutter Anxiety

Save the dates for August 19-28 at 12pm ET each day.


"This challenge was exactly the kick in the pants that I needed. I love that it wasn't just another course or book to read on how to declutter but action steps with a timeframe to make real progress. My favorite nugget that I will carry forward is: When you lose your focus, fall back on your framework. Setting up systems to build that framework, priceless!"

- Kari

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You are invited to learn the secret ways of Taming the Paper Monster.


You know... the one that sneaks in your house at night and leaves a trail of papers EVERYWHERE like he owns the place...


The one that causes you to lose your mind and doubt your sanity when you can't find THAT ONE THING YOU *JUST* SAW when you need it...


The one that drives you nuts when you need to clear the table to eat dinner because you combine piles and next thing you know, the piles multiply like bunnies... they take on a life of their own and get transferred from one surface to another, but never truly dealt with… and the paper just never ends.


The real challenge here is that you...

  • Don't Know What to Do
  • Don't Really Want to Do It
  • or Get Started and Then Get Stuck

It starts feeling like a great idea to light a match or rent a dumpster and be done with it.


Fresh start, ya know?!


What ends up happening is more and more piles… less and less surface space in your house… and mounds of shame and blame.


It’s easier to say it's someone else's problem such as a spouse or the kids who bring so much paper in the door.


What if you could take the power back?


What if you could rob the paper monster of its power in your life and harness the chaos into creative clarity?


Join the force of creative, work-from-home entrepreneurs in taking down this monster who taunts day in and day out... reminding you of all the:


  • unfinished projects

  • incomplete tasks

  • and never-ending to-do's for your home

…all of which keep you from being able to focus on your passion or your business.


Do you ever feel like this?


You walk in a room and forgot why you walked in there?


You start something but can’t seem to stay focused long enough to finish?


You pick up your computer to start one thing, then you see something distracting, which reminds you of something else more pressing, and you open another tab so you don’t forget to come back to it, then pick up your phone to check something, and remember you were on the internet looking something up, so you try to find that tab, but think of something else in the process… and now you have 17 browser tabs open and you consider joining Tab Hoarders Anonymous…


Before long you start realizing that the paper chaos and tab hoarding is actually a picture of what's happening internally... so you tell yourself that no wonder you don't make progress in your biz...and maybe you should do something else instead… and you start feeling like it's all your own fault and that you are sabotaging your own success. This happens over and over and over… it’s maddening.


But what if it's not your fault? What if you just haven't learned the right system for you?


  • What if clutter is simply a clue that leads to clarity?

  • What if your mind felt clear when you woke up and you knew what to focus on doing each day to get organized?

​What if you got curious about the clutter and let go of the self-judgment and got in touch with what you actually really want?

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Learn how to harness the power of distraction into good and turn the frustration into productivity.


All this sounds fine and dandy, but where do you even start? You’ve asked yourself this a thousand times.


It all starts with your papers.

Papers represent....

  • Thoughts
  • Ideas
  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Goals
  • Deadlines
  • Memories
  • Dreams
  • Plans
  • Relationships
  • ...and more


Papers everywhere can be a physical representation of an inward reality.


If you desire to clarify what's going on inwardly and find a path forward, let's start with your environment and what's going on around you.


In this class you will learn not just tips and tactics, hacks or suggestions but FRAMEWORKS and PRINCIPLES to reverse the FRUSTRATION you feel every day and find your FOCUS.


Whether you've been formally diagnosed with attention deficit disorder or not, you'll fit right in with other brilliant and creative minded entrepreneurs who are ready to take their homes back so they can live the life they envision.


This information has previously only been shared in this depth at Baylor University and Washtenaw Community College as a continuing education professor where I teach busy professionals to take back their homes by taking control of papers first.


Hi there, I'm your teacher, Holly Southerland, and since 2008 I have traveled the country working with families, entrepreneurs, business owners & busy professionals to find clarity and time by decluttering and organizing their homes. 


I'm the founder of A2 Home Organizers in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Waco Home Organizers in Waco, Texas. 


Together with my teams, we declutter whole homes in a week and provide a big RESET button for our clients.


I teach decluttering and organizing classes at Baylor University and Washtenaw Community College.


Detroit's LIVE in the D! featured me on their morning news to provide organizing advice & demonstrations for their audience.

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Through over 13 years of working alongside clients in their homes and businesses as a professional organizer, I’ve harnessed the power of external triggers and home organization to work from the outside in. With careful attention & deep intuition, I have set up hundreds of systems for people just like you to overcome the clutter.

As one happy client remarked, 

​"Holly and the team are really incredible! We are thrilled with the difference they made to our physical space (and it has also been a boost to my mental space too). They helped us tackle our tower of paper, transform our closet and garage. We have organizing our kitchen and pantry next on the list.

My girlfriends and I attended the workshop to organize our photos and children's schoolwork, it was surprisingly fun and very productive. She made a difference for us and can help you too with her gentle approach and helpful suggestions!"

Decluttering the physical spaces boosts that mental space because clutter is an energy stealer and dream killer.


It keeps you stuck instead of taking forward motion.



You can stay stuck in your head and random notes and lists and try to figure it out from the inside


- OR -


you can get your environment in order, trusting that the outcomes will follow.



You will feel free, inspired, and ready to move toward your dreams and goals.


You will be free to do the thing you're made to do without that back room full of clutter hanging over your head.


You’ve heard it said to get organized from the inside out, but I say you can get organized from the outside in.


When you don’t know what to do and you feel STUCK, there is a way to get UNSTUCK and it starts with your PAPERS.


Even if…

  • You’re really sentimental and want to keep things
  • You’re visual and have to “see” things to remember to do them
  • You’ve tried so many other things to get organized that didn’t work for you


Join this highly-interactive, LIVE 10-DAY ONLINE CHALLENGE beginning August 19th where you will discover:


  1. Your organizing personality and why things you’ve tried haven’t worked for you and what to do instead
  2. Three, and only three, types of papers and what to do with each
  3. What you need to keep and what you can toss so you can make confident decisions
  4. Triggers that keep you distracted and how to overcome them by setting up your home for success
  5. Recommended organizing products and processes that WORK for people like YOU


Each day during this challenge, you receive 20-30 minutes of action-based teaching, ONE action to do each day to give you a QUICK WIN and keep you on track, and motivation from a community of others with the same goals. 



Are you ready to move forward in your life and business?


Are you ready for your home to be a relaxing haven as well as a distraction-free work zone?


Sign up today for 10 Days to Tame the Paper Monster Challenge beginning Thursday, August 19, 2021!

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Hear it from some Paper Monster Tamers!

This challenge was exactly the kick-in-the-pants I needed.

- Kari

I absolutely needed this. Was drowning in paper clutter and clutter in my home! Sometimes there are deeper issues going on and the paper and house clutter is the symptom. When you put systems in place it helps you to be more organized and peaceful. It will free me up to be who God wants me to be.

- Kathy

I really enjoyed the tour as I am very visual so demonstrating showed me ways to organize. Zones!  And mapping with a specific intent was really good.  I'm not a list person unless it's short or it becomes a to do list.  I think your processing really helped me see things without judgement attached-- I loved the honesty.  It helped me not put pressure on myself.

- Margo

I learned about systems, making a process for papers and turning it into a habit.

- Brianna

OH-HOHO.... SOOOO RELEVANT to my current life!

I learned that I don't need to carry around boxes and boxes of old college notes that I didn't even use on my professional exams. I didn't understand what it is like to live a life of systems,  arranging systems of organization around simplifying and living a distraction free life!

Holly fostered and facilitated our little community of paper monster tamers and the group as a whole built a supportive community where people could be honest and vulnerable about their challenges and not judged for any perceived beliefs or shortcomings. It was a fantastic experience! Can't wait to do it again!

- Brenna

I love that it wasn't just another course or book to read on how to declutter but action steps with a timeframe to make real progress.  My favorite nugget that I will carry forward is "When you lose focus, fall back on your framework."  Setting up systems to build that framework, priceless!

- Kari

The content Holly offered was very relevant to my situation. It was for managing paper and she definitely delivered. She also showed us how to use the same info to address many other areas in our life and home.

Key takeaways - Steps to organizing, expanding my vision for what is possible, and taught me how to create systems for problem areas. She got me unstuck and hopeless to momentum, confidence, and taking beneficial actions to reach my goals.

- Christine

It was very helpful in the practical areas, as well as the heart work. I am enough!!!! I learned that the root of my perfectionism stems from not feeling worthy or loved in certain areas in my life...and that was translating into a messy pile of papers because of the negative patterns I had allowed in my life as a result of self doubt. It was eye opening to see how this was related to my paper piles!!

- Linda

The challenge was extremely relevant to my current life! Have to have a system in place before you can have an assistant.  Declutter and organize BEFORE you buy those cute office supplies.  So many aha's on vision, beliefs, perfectionism, procrastination, and practical systems.

- Laura 

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Now GO... Tame Your Paper Monster!


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